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Mercersburg Elementary Out of Water AGAIN this AM

We will be transporting students to the Middle School and High School. Grades K-2 at the HS, grades 3-5 at the MS. Buses will run on time. Students MAY be transported back, depending on timing. Will call with updates. Walkers will be transported from Mercersburg OR parents may take them directly to the MS or HS. Thanks.
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Questions About the TSD Online Option?

A new website has been released with more information about the TSD Rocket Edge (Remote/Online Learning Option). The website includes a link to Frequently Asked Questions compiled from parents requesting more information about this option for TSD students. This page (and the FAQ) will be updated to reflect the ongoing process to develop and refine our program as we approach the 2020-21 school year! Click the link below:
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Meal delivery service

Parents - if you want to be added to our meal delivery service, please visit the CoronaVirus information page to send us your information, or access the link in the story of this report.
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